Support your Friends

I remember seeing a program on television. It was about a couple of women who were doing big things and amazingly, there were all good friends or so they said. The program however built in me a desire to have friends who are doing well in whatever path they have chosen in life. I want …


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What if you fly?

Hey you! I just thought to quickly share the picture above with you. I don’t know who wrote the above dialogue or poem. But I love it and I even had it as my profile picture for a long time. I just want to remind you to be very deliberate about being positive today and … Continue reading What if you fly?


Hi You! Today, I will be sharing some quotes on hope. Hope, Fear, and Faith had been recurring subjects in my growth this year. I hope to write about them someday. But while I am waiting, I have decided to share some quotes on hope. They encouraged me and I really hope these words breathe … Continue reading HOPE!


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Mine was filled with reading, sleeping, eating and praying- all in no particular order.  So the semester is almost over and my exam starts next week. Would you please say a word of prayer for me? Thank you🙌 Well I just want to share with … Continue reading EXAMS📒📒