This post is dedicated to Scheska who manages the realm of hope blog. I want to say thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Due to some technical difficulties with my phone which I majorly use to access WordPress, I didn’t see the nomination earlier. However since the nomination is past due, I … Continue reading APPRECIATION! 


A lot of us mistake the little things as normal- ignoring the fact a lot of people don’t have your kind of normal. Yes, your life didn’t go as planned but you still have a life and a future and you can in fact control what you do with your life today. Don’t spend today … Continue reading THE LITTLE THINGS. 

Welcome December

Hi,  happy new month to you!  I know they say it’s funny how time flies… But sometimes its just not funny to me because am stuck somewhere wondering “wasn’t it just July yesterday?😏😭”  Well the calender and the Harmatan season here in Nigeria says it’s December. So, it’s indeed december and the begining of the … Continue reading Welcome December