A Good Place to Start is Here and Now.


I am a big fan of WordPress. I love the fact that you don’t have to be a professional writer or author to be able to express your self or share your views.

I admire the wide viewership it provides too. A post could travel through the globe and even though the post might not be declared an international bestseller, the post has the capacity to reach out to people to inspire ,or simply share the feeling of being able to relate to the situation being talked about.


Enough talk about WordPress. Instead I want to talk about how its important that we start from where we are are. Often times, we want to wait till we are something substantial before we start a journey of growth.

Preparing for my bar finals has taught me that I don’t know how much I know until I have tested yourself especially when I answer past questions. Life could be like that too, it would not give you a certificate of perfection to venture into something, be it a business, or blogging in the instant case. But you might need to step out of your comfortable cocoon of knowlege and ACT!


I have noticed a common trend among blogs I have had the opportunity to read. A lot of those blogs have evolved let’s scratch that, it’s the bloggers who have evolved and it’s only natural that it reflects in the content of the blog.That’s because starting something gives us a chance to grow.

You might discover that you don’t want to write about what you initially started the blog for or just the fact that a phase is over!

Sometimes it might take longer to know what you want the blog to be about but as time goes on you begin to narrow it down because some things interest you more than others.

For me I basically just write what I think about. I am more of an observer so it means I could be pretty abstract or see life in terms of theories and that’s what I write about.

My Bloom Journey

During one of my posts, one amazing blogger ,God’s Kid Speaks made a comment on on my post and it actually showed me what this blog was about (You should go check out her blog. She’s amazing).

I began to see that what I do is document my growth journey. Although I am quite private so it’s lacking in practical experiences.

My physical life feels pretty boring. I am a social late bloomer( maybe I would gist you about that later). I read and enjoy conversations with friends with whom I share the same value. I could easily lose myself in a day dream and you know what that means… I basically live in my head.

So while it might seem like I write in abstract terms, it’s basically what’s going on in my head!

But one thing I have also noticed is I am beginning to get open to sharing my experiences, I admire people who do that but I also realise I don’t have to force it. Its awesome when you open up because it helps people relate to what you are saying. It makes us share that awesome Bond of humanity not minding our race and colours.

Well I have been writing about blogging on WordPress but I also like to relate a concept to other things.

I would relate this to life in general. Where you start might not be the end, you will evolve and grow through it. Don’t wait for a perfect time, or when you think you have a story to tell or have a particular amount of capital to start something.

Most people who have made a big deal of their life’s have had to start from a place of low capital or resources. But they had their eyes on the goal and they grew through their imperfections and mistakes and the accompanying pain and disappointment.

I would end this piece with one of my favourite quote

You are simultaneously a masterpiece and a work in progress.


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Special Blogger’s Award.

Yay💃… So I was nominated by the Nigerian Patriot for the special bloggers award. *Clears throat* em… I am honoured and thank you🤗..

The Nigerian Patriot is a proactive positive change enthusiast. It’s amazing that beyond words he stands for what he believes and even his WordPress identity is a testimony to what he stands for.

It’s also refreshing that he has not chosen to stand by the line and just criticize but to contribute his own quota to the growth and development of Nigeria. you should check out his blog like right now…. No I mean after you are done reading this post 😉

Rules as Copied from The Nigerian Patriot’s Post:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you are asked (if you’re comfortable doing so!)
  3. Create 10 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated
  4. Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the Special Blogger Award.
  5. Comment on your nominee’s most recent blog post to let them know you’ve nominated.
  6. Have fun

What inspires your motivation to blog?

At first it was to develop my writing skills and to have something I can be accountable for. However, I blog now because I want to Share My growth Journey and also to Connect with other bloggers in words and maybe in deed too.

How did you overcome your greatest defeat in life?

I don’t know a particular situation that I would call my greatest defeat. But I know that every time I have felt some form of defeat, overcoming it required me to change my mindset especially of how I see the problem and how I view myself in relation to the problem. I have a big tendency to define myself based on a defeat… So I change how I see myself as well as what I call myself and I also encounter a change of perspective.

Make a wish…

Am I supposed to say my wish out loud? *Takes a deep breath* surprisingly this is a tough one. Ok… “I wish to one day connect some of this amazing bloggers who to me are doing mighty things just by choosing to share their words and world

Given a chance to rewrite history, what would you edit?

Tough question again … Hum.. I am not sure I would edit anything. Especially since the role of an editor would require me to play God who knows everything i.e the beginning and the end. How sure am I that my well meaning edit will produce the desired result? I think I would rather focus on today and tomorrow. (Plus I don’t like editing … Too stressful 😜)

Photo credit- Pinterest

Do you think humans are giving the right attention to our planet?

No I don’t think so. I have very little knowledge about the environment (note to self – ” read more about the planet that houses you”). But I think we need to be more deliberate about how we treat the environment. It’s most likely going to outlive us , so why leave it in a deplorable condition for the next generation? Fellow, human like me? Please let’s read up on how we can give the right care to our environment 🤞

If something goes wrong with planet Earth, is there some other place human could relocate?

Uh… I don’t know? Is there? Anybody know such place please let me know. I want to relocate ASAP. OK just kidding.😂 We are all going to fight for planet Earth if something goes wrong. We ain’t going anywhere!

Wait! I just heard one voice whisper “speak for yourself” in my head or is there really some place else?

Your favorite color?

Don’t have. I wear and use whatever color that suits my purpose or occasion.

Happiness, Wealth, or Power (make a pick)?

Happiness all the way…. And singing “am walking on Sunshine 🎶🎤🎸

Your favorite meal?

Don’t have… But Amala and Ewedu is close when the mood strikes 😋

Photo credit- Pinterest

Your favourite genre of music?

A little indecisive here…. I kind of flirt around. I think my friends even consider my music taste weird. But I consider music as an Art and I have great appreciation for it .

*takes a deep breath* that’s it folks, I just answered ten brain swirling questions. I did it! 😂 🤣😂

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What if you fly?

Hey you! I just thought to quickly share the picture above with you. I don’t know who wrote the above dialogue or poem. But I love it and I even had it as my profile picture for a long time. I just want to remind you to be very deliberate about being positive today and … Continue reading What if you fly?