The Fisherman Sunglasses

I checked a really close friend’s social media post and she displayed a beautiful picture. She was well put together and her sunglasses drew my attention. It is beautiful and I considered it oddly shaped too. It looked like a diver’s goggle to me. I decided to comment on the picture. I was going to …


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What if you fly?

Hey you! I just thought to quickly share the picture above with you. I don’t know who wrote the above dialogue or poem. But I love it and I even had it as my profile picture for a long time. I just want to remind you to be very deliberate about being positive today and … Continue reading What if you fly?


Negative emotions are feelings that make you sad and unhappy. They affect how you see yourself, someone else or even life in general. Examples are feelings ofsadness, hate, frustration, shame, disappointment, discouragement, jealousy, embarrassment, depression etc. Let me add the obvious which is that I think it is human to feel – either positive or … Continue reading 7 TIPS ON HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE EMOTIONS


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Mine was filled with reading, sleeping, eating and praying- all in no particular order.  So the semester is almost over and my exam starts next week. Would you please say a word of prayer for me? Thank you🙌 Well I just want to share with … Continue reading EXAMS📒📒