Blog Update.

11 thoughts on “Blog Update.”

  1. Glad to see you’re back! I have thought of deleting my blog before but I love the community here and also wanted to write more regularly. I’m glad you decided to keep your blog! Looking forward to reading more here!✨


  2. I named my blog davidsdailydose when I started back in 2018, because I thought I would post something every day. But this was too hard to keep going.

    There were several months, for two years in a row, when I posted nothing. Finally in May of 2020 I started writing again but posting only once a week (mostly). This has really worked out well.

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    1. I am glad you started posting again. Been binge reading your blog and it is truly a blessing . I hope I get a “blogging rhythm soon” the last three years has been quite unstable for me and my experiences keep shifting ( lived in four states for different reasons And when I start getting comfortable, I have to move again) so it affects my writing. I have only focused on keeping my mental balance.

      Once again your blog is a blessing.

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