The Quest for Better pictures

17 thoughts on “The Quest for Better pictures”

  1. Happy Happy birthday, Happy happy birthday. I wish you a very beautiful day ahead. Hbd in good health and wealth and many more years to come. #26 is a beautiful start to another phase


  2. Belated Happy birthday! I wish I could read an About post for your blog. I have learned you are a young adult, my son and daughter are older than you so I guess that means I am ancient! Oh well. Also I think you live in Africa, and I am in Canada. A great deal of what you experience, and sayings will all be new and interesting to me. I hope you will keep writing. I challenge you to do a post a day for one week! – David


    1. Hi David. It’s me Lade ๐Ÿ˜„( My name is Lade) A Nigerian, I am 26years old and from the Yoruba tribe. And I don’t consider you ancient. Instead I think it is a privilege to read from you. A little fun fact, in my tribe, it’s rude to address an older person by their first name. I would rather call you sir(in official situations) or Daddy or Baba or uncle(in unofficial situations).

      Yes I am taking the challenge to post something everyday for the next 7days. I hope you enjoy it.

      Thanks for the Birthday wishes and I would also update my about page.


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