A Good Place to Start is Here and Now.

24 thoughts on “A Good Place to Start is Here and Now.”

  1. When I started my blog , i wrote articles about my daily life, what was going on in my society. I was forced to read and do more because I had a blog to update . blogging has helped me know me more , as I write each day I get to perfect my skill. One thing I would really love is to write a book and yes I will start .

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    1. Hi D_Analyst!
      Thanks for your comment. I agree blogging has also helped my growth process. And do you want to recruit me to be an alarm clock.. as in a constant reminder to start that book? Rooting for you already. I also apologise for replying late.

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  2. Lade, this classic post reminds me about the journey of life.
    No one is ever consulted to decide on the timing or circumstance of their birth. We simply find ourselves in the world with our parents (rich or poor) and we just start adapting (or evolving like you said) and pushing on with the journey. I’ve never seen any baby that said ‘I’m not yet ready for this journey, so I’m gonna just sit here and sulk!’ That’s the story of life and it should apply in all we do until day we leave.
    I trust you’re winning at school and the piggy is a cute addition to the bloom family.
    Well done M’sister.

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    1. Hi Ernest.

      Thanks for your comment. As usual, you hit the nail on the head and even help me to understand a concept better πŸ˜ƒ . I apologise for replying this late( took a trip to the moon but yo sis is back on planet Earth nowπŸ˜‰). I am on my way to the Nigerian Patriot home to do a little catching up.


      1. Haha, hope your journey to the Moon was a pleasant ride, I was getting worried cause your absence was a bold experience. Been away for a while too though I didn’t get to the Moon. All the same welcome back with a resounding 🐻 hug…


      2. Sadly I’m undergoing one of those trying moments of life so I’ve not been so active. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have the time to read through your inspiring posts. Glad to have you back. Hope your exam was a success.


  3. You’re very right about starting here and now.
    Most times what stops people from starting up isn’t lack of resources, it is fear. Fear that they might fail, fear of what people will say, fear of giving up after a step.

    Now, the trick of starting here and now is to accept those fears and defeat them, defeat them by accepting the fact that you don’t need everyone to believe in you, you must not make it at first step. You just should be willing to give yourself a chance and try, and then try again if you fail the first time, this time doing better by experience, and then try again and again until you get there.
    It’s a work in process and progress.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I especially liked that part where you wrote that “you don’t need everyone to believe on you” and also to be willing to give one’s self a chance and try.
      Thank you once againπŸ’•


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