Thank God for the moon.

13 thoughts on “Thank God for the moon.”

  1. Oh I was also wondering. Would you be willing to share your name. You can say no if you’d rather not. It just feels so impersonal to refer to you as sweet believer, or never use your name. But if you are uncomfortable sharing that information I understand. I just thought I’d ask. πŸ™‚

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    1. Totally comfortable with sharing with you πŸ˜„.

      People call me “Lade”. It’s shortened from the name “Oluwalademi” which means “The Lord is my Crown”.

      I don’t have an English name. Just the tribal one. “Oluwa” translates to “the Lord or God”

      Nigerians are very religious people so it factors into naming children too. My name is also in the Yoruba language, the Yoruba’s are one of the several tribes in Nigeria.

      I know you didn’t sign up for a lesson in names and cultures 😁. But just thought to share.

      Long story short, call me “Lade” Or “Lademi” or the full version “Oluwalademi”


      1. Lade! I love it! ❀ Lademi is so nice too. 😊 I would be nervous to type out your full name. I'm sure that I would misspell it, but I will write it down. I love the meaning of your name! I should just copy and paste all that you've typed here. Feel free to share anything about yourself and your country. I really don't know anything about Nigeria, so it's new and interesting to me. 😊

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      2. Um, Yeah I would totally mispronounce your name, I’m sure. I’m not even sure if my mouth can wrap itself around it! 😁 But I would love to hear how it’s pronounced! Oh good! You told me to get excited about new things. Well I am excited to hear more about Nageria! πŸ˜ƒ ❀


  2. I took away loads of stuff from your ‘random’ post:

    – A sick room mate: Please extend my condolence and sincere prayer she gets well real soon.
    – Exams from Friday: Rest assured you got my best of wishes on this one. So don’t let your fans down!!!
    – You can pleasantly reconcile your thoughts with your circumstance by observing and appreciating the serenity of nature.
    – You like to stroll, enjoy moments of silence, and like Snickers.
    – Your bed is the upper bunk of a double decker.
    – Your name is Lade.
    – You got bright lively eyes and an awesome smile.

    In all, this random post was loaded with lots of gist. Enjoy the best of a new week.

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    1. 😁 you sure took away loads of stuff from my random post. Apparently I revealed more by being spontaneous.
      My roommate is fine now, thanks for the prayers.

      Now that you know my name, I think you should return the favour too. What’s yours?

      I appreciate you coming around.

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  3. ☺. It’s such a ‘randomly’ interesting and thoughtful post. It takes one who thinks deeply to take note and be grateful for the seemingly little things. Meanwhile, we didn’t notice your head was touching a ceiling 😁

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