Special Blogger’s Award.

15 thoughts on “Special Blogger’s Award.”

      1. 😁I totally understand the sentiment. And trust me, it’s a noble one. Some of us just feel comfortable without the honorifics, especially in social settings. By the way, it’s not a correction fa ☺.

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  1. Okay I must confess you blew my mind with the entertainment behind your insightful answers and awesome sense of humor.
    It is rare to see an African man blushing, but yes your decent sense of flattery has left me with red cheeks (I’m still blushing!!).
    Your answer on rewriting history is a classic combo with the quote from C.S Lewis for special effects. Its a reflection of the greatness and maturity you bear within.
    In all, your presentation deserves a standing ovation, and has earned the best of my respect in friendship.
    Best of luck with school and keep the radiance of the Bloom for life!!!


    1. Awwn🤗 I am glad I achieved the rare feat of making an African man blush. Thanks for the encouragement too. Your good heart shows through and through in your words and I am grateful for the gift of Bloggers like you. God bless you immensely and yes, we keep blooming ❤️

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