I Don’t Set Goals!

16 thoughts on “I Don’t Set Goals!”

  1. My personal suggestions regarding goal setting starts with building a plan, and starts with having a vision of your projects. Examples of project could be ‘keeping fit’, ‘earning a degree in school’, ‘starting a business’ ‘learning to cook a particular dish’ ‘making a new dress’ etc.
    A clear vision of your project would help determine the tasks required to achieve them.

    The next step would be linking the tasks to a time frame. Certain tasks would require a short time frame (within a day), and others may require a long time frame (maybe weeks or months).

    Identify stand-alone tasks in your project and tasks that have an aggregate chain relationship to a larger task in your project…..

    Everything I have tried to explain above can be summarized as the planning stage which must be documented (preferably on paper).

    The next step is the execution phase which will guide your achievement expectations for the day.

    Okay, I must stop here so I don’t bore you further. Hope I helped a bit. Best Wishes.


    1. Bore me? No you are helping me and your input is very much appreciated by me too. I would definitely put your suggestions to use and you should definitely do a post on the subject of goals😃. Thanks once again.


  2. I agree that setting goals are so important, but here’s something that I have learned that goes right along with goals: prioritizing. When I don’t prioritize, my goals will fall flat. God first, then everything else, not forgetting to enjoy the simple things. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Great post!


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